picture of black newfoundland dog hauling a cart in the Yorkshire Dales

Newfie hauling a cart

Picture of black Newfoundland dog sat beside a four wheeled cart in the Yorkshire Dales

Newfie sat by a cart

picture of 2 newfoundland dogs with cart and tent

Newfies Camping

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AGM Nomination Forms

Committee Nomination (2021) - Word format
Committee Nomination (2021) - PDF

Draught Work

At a Glance Draught Regulations Changes October 2014 - PDF
Draught Test Regulations V2.3 Oct 2019 - PDF
Test Managers Draught Pack October 2014 - PDF
Draught Work - Some Tips for Training - PDF

Grooming Information

Guide to Grooming a Newfoundland - PDF

Health & Longevity

Good Practice Guidelines for Breeding 2016 - Word Format
Good Practice Guidelines for Breeding 2016 - PDF
Bloat - A quick reference Guide - PDF
KC/BSAVA Newfoundland Breed Health Survey - PDF
Newfoundland Dog Heart Report - PDF

Judges List & Criteria

Judges List - Word Format
Judges List - PDF
Judging Criteria - Word Format
Judging Criteria - PDF


Membership Application Form - PDF
Membership Renewal Form - PDF
Bank Standing Order Form - PDF
Northern Newfoundland Club Rules 2021 - Word Format
Northern Newfoundland Club Rules 2021 - PDF


Judging Seminar - 2008 - PDF
Chairmans Report - NNC Fun Day 19th July 2008 - PDF

Water Work

Full Regulations 2016 - PDF
Water Regulations Amendment 2022 - PDF
Summary of changes to Water Regulations - PDF
Test Managers Water Pack - May 2016 - PDF

Webinar Summaries

Orthopaedics Summary - PDF

Welfare Support Form

Welfare Support Form - Word Format
Welfare Support Form - PDF

Walk For Welfare Documents

W4W Advice Form - Word Format
W4W Advice Form - PDF
W4W Sponsor Form - Word Format
W4W Sponsor Form - PDF

Working Documents

WSC Application Form - Word Format
WSC Application Form - PDF
Working Group Expense Form - Word Format
Working Group Expense Form -PDF