Foster Homes

We are looking for special people who feel they can open their homes to fostering a Newfie.

We URGENTLY need people to come forward as without foster homes we have nowhere for them to go while an appropriate adoption can be put into place.

If you feel you can help, please e-mail Michelle Jenkins. or call her on 07766 797257

Can you help?

The club is always looking for individuals who can help with;

Home checks
Transportation of dogs
Fostering until an appropriate home can be found
Inviting prospective new owners to their homes to meet Newfoundlands in a domestic setting and provide sound advice about the breed

Welfare Rescue and Rehoming

As with any breed Newfoundlands sometimes need rescue or rehoming. However, because of their size and special needs the process is especially demanding with Newfoundlands. The need for rehoming often arises as a result of a marriage breakdown, changes in housing or employment or other unforseen circumstances. If for any reason you are no longer able to look after your Newfoundland we urge you to contact us for help.

NNC Welfare Officer
Michelle Jenkins
Tel: 07766 797257

The Northern Newfoundland Club is exceptionally fortunate to have a hugely experienced and dedicated Welfare Officer in Michelle Jenkins. She is responsible for bringing dogs into care and for finding them suitable new homes so whether you are in need of our help or would like to offer a Newfoundland a new 'forever' home, please contact Michelle.

We work closely together with the UK's other two KC registered and recognised Newfoundland breed clubs namely The Southern Newfoundland Club and The Newfoundland Club to provide a nationwide network of welfare support.

The NNC is concerned that in the new Kennel Club Rescue directory only ONE name is given for NNC Welfare, whereas other clubs list people in different counties. Therefore, the following members have agreed to act as a first point of contact, if needed.

Wales - John Lloyd (bi-lingual) 01978 790469
North West & Merseyside - John Austin 0151 922 5222
Midlands - Rose Evans 01530 260280 or Stella Baxter 01162 621688
North East - Michelle Jenkins 07766 797257
Scotland - Cathy & Davie Lyall 0131 333 4980
Mack Loose Change Appeal Box

Loose Change Appeal

We are delighted to have received loose change appeal boxes back from caring members and we would like to give a big thank you to everyone for their support. Small amounts of coppers really do add up to ££s and the average amount per box so far is about £10. So please keep saving if you have a box. Remember boxes can be returned at any Club event such as a show, a working event or the AGM. If you would like to join in this appeal we would be pleased to send you a collection box. Please e-mail Sue Sanders.

Lets try and make our next target of £2,000 for Welfare!

We strongly recommend that persons wishing to support Newfoundland welfare and rescue specifically, should contact one or more of these UK Kennel Club registered and recognised Breed Clubs. There are currently independent groups offering rescue Newfoundlands for re-homing and requesting donations but please be aware that these groups are not registered or recognised as rescue organisations by the three KC registered Breed Clubs.