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This is the Northern Newfoundland Club document resource page.


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Membership Application Form

If you do not know two existing Members to propose and second an application, please contact our Membership Secretary, Sue Dobson who will advise on how to progress your application.

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Membership Renewal Form

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Bank Standing Order Mandate

Membership Rules

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Club Constitution and Rules
(Revised 2021)

Including Good Practice Guidelines for Breeding

All Members are required to follow the Club Rules and Breeders to follow the Good Practice Guidelines for Breeding.

2023 AGM

Annual General Meeting

Committee/Officer Nomination Form

For Committee Vacancies at the 2023 Annual General Meeting.

Working – Water

Water Test Regulations
(Revised 2023)

Water – Test Managers Pack

Water – Pipe & Slippers Award (Rules/Regs)

Working – Draught

Draught Test Regulations
(Revised 2019)

Draught – Test Managers Pack

Draught Work Training Tips

Draught – Chocolate Kisses Award (Rules/Regs)

Working Groups

Affiliation Model

Working Group Forms


Support Form

Please download and complete if you can help with

  • Collection and Transportation
  • Fostering or Kenneling
  • Vetting and Home Checks


X-ray of stomach suffering GDV
X-ray of Bloat
By Joel Mills - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Bloat (GDV) Information

KC Health Reports

Kennel Club Health Survey

2018 Breed Health & Conservation Plan

Kennel Club / British Small Animal Veterinary Association - Health Survey

2009 Survey Report