Jill Barker

Club President –  Jill Barker

Jill bought her first pet Landseer newfie Heidi in 1980, who was soon joined by a Landseer show puppy Sam, who went on to win two CCs and several RCCs. These were the first of many Landseer and black show dogs owned and bred by Jill under the Startrek affix. She bred three U.K. and three Irish Champions in just three litters of pups as well as other CC and stud book winners which went on to produce top winning progeny of their own and became foundation dogs of other kennels.

Jill has played an active role as a member of both The Newfoundland Club and Northern Newfoundland Club since its inception in 1984, served 13 years as Secretary of Burton on Trent K.A, 10 years on the Committee of the NC followed by 15 years as Secretary of the NNC. She awards CCs in Newfoundlands and judged Crufts in 2015.

She has owned Pembroke corgis since 2007 (her childhood breed) and adores their naughtiness and sharp intelligence, but Newfies will always hold a very special place in her heart. She is delighted to serve the breed as President of the NNC.

Tel: 01283 703283

Club Officers

Hon. Secretary

Steve Hietschold

Steve Hietschold

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Jacqui Woodhall

Jacqui Woodhall

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Welfare Officer

Julia Ryan

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John Austin

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Membership Secretary

Sue Dobson

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Maxine Munday

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Jill Barker

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