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A new website for breeders and puppy buyers.

The purpose of this web site is to put potential Newfoundland puppy buyers in touch with reputable and recognised breeders by steering them away from general online puppy sites (e.g. Epupz).

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Specifically intended to educate and inform potential purchasers of a Newfoundland puppy.

We hope the site will assist in guiding people away from the dreadful ‘puppy farmers’.

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A database of Health Test results supported jointly by the Northern Newfoundland Club, The Newfoundland Club and the Southern Newfoundland Club.

The site is intended to assist breeders and potential owners in researching the Health Test data of a dogs parents or antecedants.

UK Breed Club Sites

Newfoundland Puppy Breeders website screenshot

Northern Newfoundland Club

Our Club, formed in 1984, of which we are very proud.

The Newfoundland Club

Established in 1886, the Newfoundland Club is one of the oldest KC registered Breed Clubs in the UK and is acknowledged worldwide as laying the foundations for the breed standard and type for Newfoundlands.

Southern Newfoundland Club

The UK’s newest KC recognised Breed Club, the SNC was formed in 2008 and has an award-winning web site with great content and photographs, regularly updated.

Scottish Newfoundland Club

Whilst not affilated to the Kennel Club, the Scottish club is very active in working Newfoundlands and in addition arranges fun days, fund-raising events and a Companion Dog Show.

Newfoundland Club of Ireland

Founded in 1958 the Club is active in promoting the breed in Ireland and organises a full range of activities.

Newfoundland Breed Clubs Worldwide

Other Newfie Links

UK Newfoundlands Info

Always up-to-date with the latest UK show results and much more, this site is an invaluable free resource for Newfoundland enthusiasts.
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Newfoundland Dog Database
(German based, English language)

A massive database of Newfoundland dogs with pedigrees and lots of photographs going back many years.
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Italian School of Water Rescue Dogs

Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio web site also available in English language.
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Newfound Friends

A web site for the group of friends who work with their Newfoundlands to raise money for childrens charities.
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