The NNC & NC 2010 Joint Championship Show was held on 07th August at The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwichshire and attracted an entry of 158 for judge Hedd Richards (Sheridel).

“A big thank you to our Show Judge, Hedd Richards (Sheridel), I hope you enjoyed sharing your day with us. Thank you to our super Show Team, Jill Barker, Rose Evans, Margaret Cox, Jacqui Woodhall who did a wonderful job. Many thanks also to the rest of the committee and all those who helped with the planning and on the day to make the show such a success and fun event.

We are very grateful to Simon Cheung who kindly provided shampoo to all exhibitors. Thank you to all stall holders, caterers who excelled again and to all involved outside of the committee, this included Paul Dodd who kindly supplied several photographs that were taken at the show.

We had a good selection of dogs and bitches for our judge to go over and very few absentees. Thank you to all those who entered, I hope you all took the best dog home.

It was nice to share our day with the representatives from the Newfoundland Club since the show was a Joint Clubs show. I hope you enjoyed spending the day with us.

The club held an auction at lunch time with the kind help of Mr. John Lloyd, all proceeds went to the Welfare fund. Several dogs who have found forever loving homes joined in a welfare parade, it was lovely to see them all, thanks Sheena for your continued support.”

Roy Bown (Chairman)

Main Winners

Show Awards


Award Dog Owner
DOG CC MAYOSS YOU TWO JW, ShCM Mr M Hobbs & Miss A Raven
BEST PUPPY DOG CHATEAUNEWF MIDAS TOUCH Mrs N S Macgregor / Miss Ashdown / Mr Bedford & Mrs Waller


Award Bitch Owner

Class Results & Critiques


Minor Puppy Dog (8)

1st – Macgregor, Ashdown, Bedford & Waller’s Chateaunewf Midas Touch. BPD 7 month old well grown black. Very balanced with excellent topline, reach of neck, topline and tailset. Correct angulation, attractive head and eye. A very promising puppy who moved out well. BPD and only gave way to the Puppy bitch on lack of maturity.

2nd – Stow’s Tremarcol Law Lord. 6 months and only just made it age-wise! Very chocolate-box but well put together with good angulation. Excellent mover. Would like him a shade bigger but plenty of time on his side.

3rd – Shepherd’s Skylordex Firpoint Favour. 7 month w/b of good size and well boned. Super muscling over loin and a healthy muscle build up all over. Slightly gangly and shallow in chest at this age but a lot to like overall.

Res – Topham’s Mileoak Horseshoe Bay.

VHC – Hunt’s Merrybear Washington.

Puppy Dog (1)

1st – Macgregor, Ashdown, Bedford & Waller’s Chateaunewf Midas Touch.

Veteran Dog (7,4)

1st – Lyall’s Scotiabear Bon Jovi, JW ShCM. BVIS Scotiabear Bon Jovi. 7yr w/b and the best mover in the class. Strong straight, well boned front, well angulated with deep chest and correct ribbing. Such a pleasing head type and affectionate expression. Has certainly kept his fitness levels up – which showed in his correct and very sound movement.

2nd – Groves’ Stelamah Fire Onyx at Bridgestone JW ShCM. 8yr black who has always appealed for his type and substance. Excellent bone and feet, great strength though chest and ribbing. Moved well with level topline, though possibly not quite as true as 1 in front.

3rd – Walden’s Ch. Joalta Walkin On The Moon. 8yr w/b who is beautifully marked and presented in sparkling order. Large head with small, well set eyes and a trusting expression. Standing, looked balanced and every inch a champion, but was a carrying a little more weight than ideal which affected his hind movement when going away.

Special Veteran Dog

No entries

Junior Dog (6,2)

1st – Hobbs’ Alphabear Thunderstruck. 16 month black who just pipped 2nd on bone and substance. Excellent mover with long, efficient strides and level topline. Skull needs no more development though muzzle could fill out slightly. Excellent reach of neck, topline and gently angled croup give him a natural outline on the move.

2nd – Burrows’ Mayoss Georgio The Artist. 16 months and born on the same day I see. W/b with super markings and clear, un-ticked white. Very attractive head and muzzle, good eye shape and set, correct size and set of ears. Stood and moved with level topline. Easy mover with no exaggerations.

3rd – Blanchard’s Mileoak Joe Brown. Nearly 18 months well grown brown of impressive substance. Well angulated in front and has huge bone. Chest strong and deep. In great muscular condition. Well shaped croup, excellent feet. Just needs a bit more width between hind legs when moving away.

Res – Carr’s Alphabear Super Trouper at Sauvtage.

Yearling Dog (6,4)

1st – Hobbs’ Alphabear Thunderstruck.

2nd – White’s Culnor Only A Great Smoky. Nearly 18 months and should have been named ‘If Only’! In outline, he creates a very nice shape and has a kind gentle expression. Could do with slightly less weight. I was unable to assess movement as he paced constantly.

Novice Dog (3,2)

1st – Woodhall’s Bearhugs Falcon. 18 month large, honest type – what you see is what you get. Very fit and well muscled which enhanced his substantial frame. Excellent bone, pleasing head and dark eye, correct bite. Strong level topline with equally impressive loin. Good angulation throughout.

Graduate Dog (6,3)

1st – Springthorpe’s Willow Bear-Eagle Eyes Millthorpe (Imp Fra). 16 month w/b with attractive markings. Very strong head and muzzle with lovely dark eye. Good strength of neck running into strong brisket. Well held topline and moved steadily. Adequate bone for his size. Just needs to deepen slightly in chest.

2nd – Scannell-Harrison’s Kalibah Christmas Cracker via Stormcove. Bigger black male with very attractive head and eye, strong neck and firm, level topline. Has good depth of chest and is well ribbed up. Just slightly narrow in movement.

3rd – Burton’s Vodahond Moonriver. 5yr medium sized male with strong level topline and nicely shaped croup. Moved very well though I would prefer a tad more bone to balance his height.

Post Graduate Dog (10,4)

1st – Nind’s Benkerin Sweet Victory. Almost 3yrs, medium size of perfect balance with good bone and feet, excellent angulation and super topline. Just looked right from every angle. Neck can look a little ‘stuffy’ but, under the hair there is correct length and strength. Moved with an easy soundness. One to watch for the future.

2nd – Humphrey’s Nereides Lord Of The Sea. Slightly younger and very well grown. Textbook front and strong head and skull. Well angulated and moved positively in profile, keeping a level topline. Not quite as true going away as 1.

3rd – Macgregor’s Sandbears As Good As It Gets, Ir. Jun Ch.. Lovely outline with good angulation, sufficient bone and gently sloping croup. A slightly darker eye would have been perfect.

Res – Burton’s Vodahond The One.

VHC – Scannell-Harrison’s Kjalarnes Raffaello for Stormcove.

Limit Dog (11,1)

This was a great class with so many promising youngsters. Some were giving away too much with lack of maturity but their day will come.

1st – Milne’s & Lyall’s Scotiabear Talk Of The Town at Rathmil, JW ShCM. Beautiful young male who has it all and at this stage I didn’t think he could be beaten. Perfectly balanced with excellent head and eye, very well boned, chunky feet, deep chest, short strong pasterns. Another one who can give an impression of being ‘stuffy’ in neck but this is a ‘hands on’ dog – his neck is strong and the correct length. Beautifully presented and handled at the right speed. RCC and RBIS.

2nd – Burns’ Kyrimara Arc En Ciel. Large w/b who also impresses with size and soundness as well as his super markings. Masculine head, great bone and the soundest of movers. Good depth of chest though could possibly benefit from being slightly less ‘tucked up’. However, this is a very small price to pay for the muscular condition of this dog. Close up. Best Landseer Dog and Best Landseer in Show.

3rd – Dobbin’s Brooklynbear Nijinsky. 18 month super moving black with correct head proportions and a gentle look about him. Out of coat today but another with a bright future.

Res – Deary’s Dearchary Touch Of Soul.

VHC – Leech’s Dirty Dancing De L’Illiade Et L’Odyssee.

Open Dog (7,3)

1st – Hobbs & Raven’s Mayoss You Two, JW ShCM. A majestic example of the breed. Another one who has it all and more! Lovely head and expression, super outline and great substance. Great balance with everything harmonising together. Huge bone with strong chunky feet, well held topline, correct depth and width of chest and a super quality coat to enhance it all. Moved as well as expected from his correct construction and well muscled frame. Noble, majestic and proud says it all! CC BIS.

2nd – Burrows’ Mayoss Rimini. A close call from a free moving, well put together, mature black. Great strength of chest and strong neck make him a dog who could easily do the job he was bred for. Gentle expression with lovely head proportions and well placed eye. Handled on a loose lead to show off his paces to best adavantage.

3rd – Burrows’ Mayoss Cadillac Fleetwood. 5yr black older brother of 1 and, if anything, is even sweeter in expression. So many identical qualities made this a very close decision, though would personally prefer a little less weight.

Res – Parker’s Am. Ch. Fairweathers Kindred Spirit.

Special Open Brown Dog (5)

1st – Richardson’s Paradeso I Am The Spirit. Extremely impressive brown mature male that I have placed highly abroad. Melting expression, great headpiece and heavy boned throughout. Effective angulation powered him along in parallel movement. Beautifully presented coat of even colour. Slightly less length of loin would have been perfect.

2nd – Burton’s Vodahond Innuendo. Very honest, mature male with strong bone, deep chest and a good headpiece. Not quite the showing attitude of 1 but basically a lot to be proud of.

3rd – Blanchard’s Mileoak Joe Brown.

Res – Irving’s Forgebear Slider with Soulbrother.

VHC – Topham’s Mileoak Horseshoe Bay.

Special Open White & Black (Landseer) Dog (6,2)

1st – Springthorpe’s Ch. Darkpeak Raging Storm from Millthorpe, JW. 3yr substantial boy of good type. Strong head with kindest of dark brown eyes. Good bone with correct depth of feet. Moved steadily, keeping level topline and good tail carriage. Well placed markings though some ticking was a cosmetic drawback.

2nd – Lyall’s Scotiabear Bon Jovi, JW ShCM.

3rd – Leech’s Dirty Dancing De L’Illiade Et L’Odyssee. 2yr smaller male with excellent markings, beautiful headpiece and correct shape and set of eye. Proportionately well boned and obviously sound. Insisted on getting his head down which distorted his outline on the move.

Res – Sandham’s Seafar Chief Crazy Horse of Sandeast.


Minor Puppy Bitch (5,2)

1st – Collins’ Tremarcol Lady Of The Lake. Well grown 6 month black with confidence in abundance. Very well balanced with just enough of everything at this stage. Moved soundly and with effortlessness.

2nd – Lloyd-Denman’s Stelamah Just Love Her. 6 month sweet brown who had left her clothes at home! However, no coat made it easier to see her good points – level topline, straight front and correct angulation. Pleasing head properties with good eye. Moved positively.

3rd – Sandham’s Sandeast Black Lace. Nearly 8 months of nice type, feminine throughout, excellent front and good bone. Just would not settle on the move.

Puppy Bitch (6,1)

1st – Land & Watts’ Tawiscara Nombre Noir. 11 month black who had the extra few months maturity over her rivals for BPIS. Very pretty feminine head but not lacking in substance in any way. Beautiful small eyes of correct colour and well fitting eye rims.Well boned with straight front, good angulation and full of cheeky confidence. Kept a nice outline standing and moving. BPIS.

2nd – Richardson & James’ Hanningfield Billie Jean among Paradeso. Slightly bigger than 1 and of attractive type. Very good angulation, good topline and tailset. Pleasing head type and good reach of neck. Moved very well in profile and away but slightly wide when coming back.

3rd – Morgan’s Seamble Ebenezer. 11 month of good size, excellent bone and well angulated. A powerful bitch in the making. Good movement with excellent topline and tailset. Just needs to blend it all together now.

Res – Molyneux’s Hanningfield Heartbreaker at Sakaribear.

VHC – Martin’s Stelamah Secret Love.

Veteran Bitch (7,3)

1st – Sarson & Watts’ Ch. Swanpool Gina Lollobrigida. 7yr black who sees no reason to slow down just because she’s a veteran! Active, well muscled and sound. Good head properties and alert expression. Apt to carry her tail a little high at times.

2nd – Lloyd’s Abbeydore Sea Foschia Hefo Cewrirdŵr. 8yr black in great condition and coat. Strongly built with good bone and straight front. Good strength of brisket. Moved well but could do with slightly less weight.

3rd – Deary’s Kjalarnes Get Lucky for Dearchary ShCM. 8yr black with super profile, sweetest of heads and still alert and active. Level topline, good tail carriage and just the right amount of bone for her size. Moved exceptionally well in profile and away but a little close coming to.

Res – Pugsley’s Abbeydore Sea Brezza of Tahyee.

Special Veteran Bitch (4,1)

1st – Hutchinson’s Ch. Wanitopa Humming Chorus. 9yr w/b of great substance and type. Excellent markings, large but feminine head, great bone and well muscled. Moved with great precision and with little effort, keeping a level topline and good tail carriage. Best Veteran Bitch but ran slightly out of steam against the male.

2nd – Ratter’s Seafar Wichita. Unbelievable condition for her 10yrs – still many excellent breed points, feminine head and a great outline when standing. Slightly stiff on one leg when moving.

3rd – Shepherd’s Otterbay Maggie May. 10.5yrs brown and owner said ‘she’s had a great day out’! Unfortunately, that didn’t mean actually ‘showing’ herself to best advantage! Attractive head with sweet expression, good topline and gently sloping croup. Strongly made neck and correct angulation would have made her well suited to working or showing, but didn’t want to be bothered today!

Junior Bitch (7,1)

1st – Sarson & Watts’ Swanpool Ti Amo Pasticcino. 14 month black with alert, cheeky expression that was definitely feminine. Good construction with strong bone, level topline and good tail carriage. Moved really well and with confidence.

2nd – Wedlake’s Alphabear Dancing Queen at Sealake. Excellent quality 16 month black who has a very bright future if she just learns to settle to the job. I saw glimpses of excellent, fluid movement with well held topline and great lengths of effortless strides. Attractive head and eye with kind but mischievious expression. One to watch.

3rd – Hobbs’ Alphabear April Showers. Littermate to 2 and although a little out of coat, has many of her sister’s good points. Good bone, well held topline on the move and correct angulation. Strong feet of good depth.

Res – Turner’s Baranova Nuts In May.

VHC – Bell & Jeffries’ Willowbear Earth Wind And Fire for Bellfries.

Yearling Bitch (4)

1st – Hobbs’ Alphabear April Showers.

2nd – Alexander’s Vodahond Carrie-Ann. Well balanced of nearly 2yrs, feminine head, very pleasing eye and excellent coat texture and type. Moved steadily and soundly, presenting a good outline. Came close but just preferred strength of bone of 1.

3rd – Ashurst’s Newruff Uptown Girl. Younger black who is still at a developing stage – and very promising it is! Excellent bone, good feet, correct coat quality. Moved steadily from efficient angulation. Just a matter of time for her now.

Res – Irving’s Forgebear Blue Lili with Soulbrother.

Novice Bitch (3,1)

1st – Springthorpe’s Mayoss Whiter Shade Of Pale to Millthorpe. 14 month w/b who is well marked and presents a good outline. Strong but feminine head with good muzzle shape and correct bite. So well balanced and together at this stage. Would want her to grow on a little.

2nd – Woodhall’s Bearhugs Raven. 17 month black who has plenty of size and substance, but is not yet in full control of it! Very pleasing head, strong neck and excellent depth through chest. A little more coordination needed on the move.

Graduate Bitch (7,2)

1st – Franklin’s Acara Miss Brassibear of Shinglebay. Just 2yr black who didn’t put a foot wrong today. Although still developing, she is very well balanced with a feminine head, lovely eye and trustworthy expression. Sound and correctly made through her fore and hindquarters and it showed in her effortless movement.

2nd – Springthorpe’s Mayoss Whiter Shade Of Pale to Millthorpe.

3rd – Ashdown, Bedford & Waller’s Chateaunewf Hot Stuff. Another well balanced example with level topline, strongly boned and adequately angulated. Moved soundly but a little lethargic today.

Res – Lloyd’s Cewrirdŵr Llyn Geirionydd.

VHC – Blanchard’s Tynebears Almost An Angel.

Post Graduate Bitch (11,3)

1st – Dodd’s Sandbears Go With Flo. 2yr black with ideal ‘people loving’ expression and feminine head. Super profile with level topline and gently sloping croup. Moved very well with great ease. A very honest bitch who did all that was asked of her.

2nd – Bodman’s Acara Saskia Moonbear, ShCM. Another super example with the most trusting expression, steady, sound movement and a well held topline. Slightly more flyaway coat distorted her outline today.

3rd – Ashdown, Bedford & Waller’s A Newfday In Heaven at Chateaunewf. Really good for type, balance and bone. Well muscled loin kept her topline in textbook fashion. Moved very well in profile and away but messing about and stepping wide with one foreleg today.

Res – Blanchard’s Tynebears Angel Dust.

VHC – McEvoy’s Evanpark Bridgette Jones.

Limit Bitch (9,3)

1st – Dobbin’s Brooklynbear Picasso. 18 month bitch who is outstanding despite her youth. Not in possession of all her undercoat, but nothing here needed hiding! Super head type with well shaped and set eyes, good reach of neck, small, thin ears and the sweetest of expressions. Kept a level topline throughout. Just the right amount of angulation with no exaggerations. Moved well in all directions. CC and a worthy champion today.

2nd – Parker’s Evanpark Marilyn Rose. 20 month black of lovely type, feminine head, good eye. Moved well though could be a little more animated. Maybe a touch less weight would be an advantage.

3rd – Walker’s Hanningfield Mona Lisa, JW. Attractive head and eye, good angulation, strong bone and feminine throughout. Sound mover but not putting her best efforts into it.

Res – Lloyd’s Cewrirdŵr Llyn Gwynant.

VHC – Hindlet & Morgan’s Shalowseas Drama Queen among Aleeka, JW.

Open Bitch (10,4)

1st – Richardson’s Hanningfield Blue Moon at Paradeso. 4yr black with beautiful head, medium brown eye and excellent type. Good topline and well shaped croup. Moved very well in front but not driving as well as she could from behind.

2nd – Walker’s Ch. Hanningfield Bewitched. Another of super type and looked the part from all directions. Excellent head and eye, good strength of chest and rib. Moved very well though possibly not as light and active as 1.

3rd – Ashdown, Bedford & Waller’s King Of Helluland The One I Love at Chateaunewf. Super in profile with excellent angulation, level topline and good bone. Head on, was a tad less balanced through chest.

Res – Richardson’s Paradeso Tiarra.

VHC – Stevenson’s Culnor Flowering Flower.

Special Open Brown Bitch (5,1)

1st – Richardson’s Starry Town Ehei-Mandi-Mrs-Brown (Imp Ita). 15 month highly impressive bitch who is destined for the top. Gorgeous head and expression, clean flews and neat ears. Good eye colour and shape giving a super kind expression. Superb movement, especially in profile. Young enough to need a little more development through rib and chest, but easy to predict the future for this one.

2nd – Lloyd-Denman’s Stelamah Chocoholic Heaven. 2yr bitch still maturing and doing it very nicely. Good angulation and bone gives her the required strength for the breed. Strong head but still feminine and pleasing. Moved very well. Just needs to get it all together now.

3rd – Blanchard’s Tynebears Angel Dust. Good profile and very well constructed with adequate angulation. Attractive head with correct eye shape. Slightly lethargic on the move but could not disguise her good front movement.

Res – Martin’s Stelamah Secret Love.

Special Open White & Black (Landseer) Bitch (4,1)

1st – Ratter’s Seafar Dani California. Mature 4yr bitch who is at her best just now. Super markings with hardly any ticking combined with great type and soundness will make this one hard to beat. Feminine head with desired squarish muzzle and well shaped eye. Moved easily with obvious soundness. Best Landseer Bitch.

2nd – Farrar’s Darkpeak A Perfect Storm. Another extra sound example – effortless in all directions. Straight front and firm level topline. Good head shape and perfect eye shape and colour. Slightly less ticking would have made 1 and 2 almost impossible to separate.

3rd – Springthorpe’s Mayoss Whiter Shade Of Pale to Millthorpe.


Brace (1,1)

Show Photos Extra