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NNC Webinars

The following are the recordings of the webinars that the NNC ran during 2021. These were originally run as subscription events and we now ask viewers who find them interesting and informative if they would be kind enough to make a voluntary donation (suggested £5) using the PayPal Donate button underneath each presentation. Your contributions will go directly to the Northern Newfoundland Club's Welfare Fund.

The videos can all be played full-screen by clicking on the four outward arrows in the bottom right corner of the player controls.

Anatomy & Movement

Presenter: Gerard O'Shea

Behaviour & Socialisation

Presenter: Naomi Andrews BSc (Hons) PGDip (CABC)


Presenter: Rachel James MA VetMB Cert SAM DVC MRCVS

Canine First Aid & CPR

Presenter: Francis Carter


Presenter: Penny Schubert

Oncology (Cancer)

Presenter: Owen Davies MA VetMB MVetMed MANZCVS(SAM) DACVIM(Oncology) DECVIM-CA(Oncology) MRCVS


Presenter: Prof. Dr. Herman A.W. Hazewinkel (Chair International Elbow Group)