Our 2024 Championship Show held on 06 April at Tomlinsons Show Hall, Markfield in Leicestershire was judged by Breed Specialist Mr. John Evans (Abbeydore).

Main Winners

Class Winners



Class Results

“I would like to thank the Committee of The Northern Newfoundland Club for inviting me to judge the above show. I was delighted with the entries and would also like to thank all exhibitors that entered their dogs under me. All dogs were presented in first class condition and temperaments were excellent.”
John Evans


Baby Puppy Dog (No entries)
Minor Puppy Dog (No entries)
Puppy Dog (8 entries / 0 absent)
1st Duff’s Titanbears Excommunicado

“11 months black boy. Impressive and strong throughout, typical masculine head with gentle expression. Good reach of neck and correct bite. Good depth of chest with straight front and ample bone, moved freely and covered the ground well. Handled and presented in tip top condition. Best Puppy In Show.”

2nd Kingham’s Nandobears Against All Odds (Imp Deu)

“10 months boy slightly smaller than first but excellent quality throughout. Gentle expression and dark eye. Correct dentition, chest developing with tight feet. Good bone and rear angulation. Just preferred one on movement.”

3rd Austin’s Davistell Springsteen of Elbear (A.I.)
Res McDonald’s Shadowrise Fire And Ice
VHC Hosie’s King Of Helluland Jungle Book at Shadowrise (Imp Svk)
Veteran Dog (2 entries / 0 absent)
1st Ryan’s Newfangled Shenanigans

“Large black boy of excellent quality and size. Lovely masculine head with deep muzzle, dark eye, gentle expression and correct ear set. Ample chest with excellent bone and large feet. Held his top-line on the move with good rear angulation. Correct tail set, moved well. Presented in top condition.”

2nd Dickson’s Zentaur Der Kapitan Wisperedomen, JW ShCM

“A super boy with kind expression, good ear set, correct bite. Good reach of neck but would have liked a little more depth of chest. Great bone throughout with level top-line and correct tail set. Moved well.”

Special Veteran Dog (1 entry / 1 absent)
Junior Dog (3 entries / 2 absent)
1st Jenkins & Slaughter’s James Bear Of Geletsland with Mirawaters (Imp Svk)

“Well-constructed male of good size and substance but still a lot more growing to come. Correct ear set and bite with good reach of neck and ample bone. Well angulated front and rear, moved well.”

Graduate Dog (4 entries / 1 absent)
1st Turner’s Pacto Entre Caballeros Del Valld Largo Baranova (Imp Esp)

“Lovely head type with broad skull, dark eye with short muzzle. Well balanced throughout with deep chest and well ribbed body. Well laid shoulders, correct tail set but would have liked it a little longer. Moved with ease.”

2nd Rhodes’ Dawbryn Zefa’s Pride

“Good size boy with lovely head size. Deep chest on well set shoulders, level top-line with good rear angulation. Moved well when settled.”

3rd Blackburn’s Disoranto A Perfect Match (Imp Pol), JW
Post Graduate Dog (7 entries / 1 absent)
1st Chapman’s Nandobears You’ll Never Walk Alone (Imp Deu)

“A lovely well-constructed male, powerful and strong with broad head, gentle expression and dark eye. Deep broad chest and rear angulation. Level top-line which held on the move. Good tail carriage, moved well around the ring.”

2nd Drakeford’s Mississippi-Missouri Walking My Angel (Imp Srb)

“Black boy larger than first with good outline. Lovely broad head and expression. Good shoulders laid back into strong top-line. Correct tail set, a little bit close from behind.”

3rd Steels’ Nurburgnewf Ironman
Res Owles & Bristow’s Zentaur Fizzical Therapy
VHC Rhodes’ Dawbryn Doctor Fourtysix
Limit Dog (7 entries / 2 absent)
1st Godden’s Zentaur Bout That Jam

“Really impressive brown male of good size and stature, short coupled standing four square with good coat and colour. Well balanced throughout with broad head, clean muzzle and correct ear set. Deep chest and straight front with strong bone. Excellent angulation and level top-line which held on the move. Moved well and covered the ring effortlessly with drive. Presented in first class condition. One to watch in the future. Dog CC & BOS.”

2nd McIntyre’s Shirebears Enchanter for Edbear

“This 3-year-old male has all over quality. I have previously judged this boy and he has certainly matured and bodied up. Broad head shape with good bite and deep muzzle. Straight front on broad shoulders. Well boned with level top line, moved with ease. Dog RCC.”

3rd Lowther’s Kenamu Just The Ticket for Valleybears
Res Turner’s Newfangled Roodimental at Torbenpaws
VHC Drakeford’s Sasquatch Zero To Hero
Open Dog (7 entries / 1 absent)
1st Duff’s Titanbears Vainglorious, JW ShCEx OSW

“Wonderful example of the breed not overdone in any way. Good head size with ample reach of neck. Straight front with tight feet and well boned. Well balanced with pleasing proportions, moved well. Splitting hairs between 1st and 2nd today.”

2nd Hudson and Bone’s Ch. Newfangled Bone Idle

“Larger dog than first with broad head and kind expression. Well-constructed with straight front and heavy bone. Good angulation and well presented. Just preferred first on movement today.”

3rd Blake’s Ch. Sandbears Masterpiece
Res Black’s Lux. Ch., Ch. Gunnersnewfs Black Desire for Blackcoast
VHC Crosier’s Nurburgnewf Cayman
Special Open Black Dog (1 entry / 1 absent)
Special Open Brown Dog (3 entries / 0 absent)
1st Steels’ Nurburgnewf Ironman

“Large male with masculine head, correct ear set and scissor bite. Good wide chest, heavy boned with straight front. Slightly soft top-line, correct tail, moved well.”

2nd Blahuta’s Iron Man Canadian Pearl

“Good size dog, masculine head with good ear set. Deep muzzle and correct bite. Heavy boned, good top-line and tail set. Good movement.”

3rd Wilson’s Sparkybears Tiny Temper
Special Open White & Black (Landseer) Dog (No entries)


Baby Puppy Bitch (2 entries / 1 absent)
1st Popple’s Mileoak Wishing On A Star

“First time of judging Baby Puppy and boy it was fun. Such a sweet little girl full of quality and substance, who took it all in her stride. Compact, standing four square with beautiful feminine head and dark eye. Lovely bone and angulation for one so young. Moved like a dream when settled and all the right qualities at this age. Looking forward to seeing how she develops in the future.”

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 entry / 1 absent)
Puppy Bitch (5 entries / 0 absent)
1st Hietschold’s Davistell Babee Love at Chrishelkate (A.I.)

“Just nearly 12 months this girl is developing nicely for her age. Feminine head of good proportions gentle expression with lovely dark eye and correct ear set. Nice depth of chest, tight feet, and ample bone. Correct tail set and level top line. Moved well and covered the ground with ease.”

2nd Turner’s Nandobears Bisquit Rose Baranova (Imp Deu)

“Promising puppy full of quality with pretty head, expression, and dark eye. Well-constructed with strong bone and good bite. Straight front and good rear angulation. Moved and handled well.”

3rd Duff’s Titanbears Redemption
Res Webb’s Green Pearl Uniquely Barracechi (Imp Fra)
VHC Hosie’s Shadowrise Wild Fire
Veteran Bitch (No entries)
Special Veteran Bitch (1 entry / 0 absent)
1st Austin’s Mercedes Cancrimo Z Lednickiego Zakola (Imp Pol)

“Nine and a half year old veteran not looking her age at all. Beautiful feminine head and skull, with tight eye and at this ripe old age good bite. Wide chest on straight front and well boned, correct tail set and well angulated rear quarters. Beautiful coat and one to one with her handler. Moved around the ring with such energy this old lady can show the youngsters a thing or two about drive and movement. Best Veteran In Show.”

Junior Bitch (4 entries / 0 absent)
1st Coldwell’s Twillin Gate Villustrious among Zentaur (Imp Bel)

“Quality youngster of good size, substance, and confirmation. Well boned, short coupled and good angulation. Correct tail set and sound on the move covering the ground with ease. Moved with drive and power. Look forward to seeing her fully matured.”

2nd Harper’s Valhalabears Juicy Couture

“Nice example of the breed, not quite as mature as first. Feminine head, dark eye, and correct ear set. Well laid-back shoulders and good angulation. Moved well.”

3rd Probyn & Robinson’s Oialt Climbing Back
Res Constable’s Valhalabears Just In Time
Graduate Bitch (2 entries / 0 absent)
1st Ryan’s King Of Helluland Harley Quinn for Bearnessitie (Imp Svk)

“Good example of the breed with substance and bone. Feminine head, correct bite with dark eye. Well balanced throughout with well laid-back shoulders. Level t-line and good rear angulation. Moved well.”

2nd Webb’s Maroteam Ora U Più Morticia (Imp Hun)

“Very nice feminine bitch with beautiful expression. Lovely head and good bite with correct ear set. Well angulated front and rear with good top-line. A little unsettled on the move but full of mischief.”

Post Graduate Bitch (7 entries / 2 absent)
1st Popple’s Mileoak Loch Noir

“Well, where do I start this bitch caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, such quality and a beautiful balanced bitch, not overdone in any way. Short coupled with lovely outline, feminine head with kind expression dark eye and good dentition. Good forechest, plenty of bone and level top-line which held on the move. Correct rear angulation and tail set. Covered the ground well. Beautifully presented and thoroughly deserved her placing. Bitch CC and Best In Show.”

2nd Baxter and Morris’ Starcove Sister Act to Davistell

“Slightly larger than first but a good balanced bitch. Another one of good quality size and substance. Pretty girl with broad head, dark tight eye and correct bite. Good reach of neck on well laid-back shoulders, strong bone and straight front. Good depth of chest, firm top-line, moved around the ring with ease and one to one with her handler. Presented in tip top condition. Bitch RCC.”

3rd Baldock’s Ohoi’s About Damn Time (Imp Nor)
Res Burton’s Ceedernewf In The Forest Vodahond
VHC Alexander’s Vodahond La Primavera
Limit Bitch (5 entries / 1 absent)
1st Lloyd’s Cewrirdwr Morgana

“Impressive black bitch, with kind expression. Strongly balanced with dark eye and correct dentition. Well angulated in front, level top-line with correct tail and set and length. Moved and presented in top condition.”

2nd Haresign’s Will Of The Emperor’s Could This Be Love (Imp Esp)

“Another top bitch, good head, dark eye and good dentition. Ample bone and depth to chest, correct front, firm level top-line. Covered the ground well. Just preferred 1st on tail set.”

3rd Chapple’s Baranova Patience Rewarded for Peakcharm
Res Steels’ Nurburgnewf Beamer
Open Bitch (1 entry / 0 absent)
1st Burton’s Sparkybears A Star Is Born at Vodahond

“Sweet bitch of good size and stature. Correct bite with deep muzzle. Dark eye, well set ears and good reach of neck. Firm top line, good rear angulation with correct tailset. Have seen her move better, just a little sluggish today.”

Special Open Black Bitch (4 entries / 1 absent)
1st Bedford’s King Of Helluland Bianca at Chateaunewf (Imp Svk)

“This was a strong class. Large black bitch of first-class quality and substance. Gentle expression with broad head and deep muzzle. Lovely straight front with tight feet, level shoulders with good rear quarters. Moved and presented well.”

2nd Baxter and Morris’ Newfashion This Is Me (Imp Aus)

“Lovely bitch, very balanced, short coupled and super to go over. Sweet head of correct proportion with good depth of chest. Well sprung rib cage and correctly set tail. Moved well when settled.”

3rd Baldock’s Int. Ch., Bel. Ch., Lux. Ch., Ch. Gunnersnewfs All Or Nothing, JW
Special Open Brown Bitch (6 entries / 2 absent)
1st Coldwell’s Ch. Zentaur This Is Jam Hot, JW ShCM OSW

“Another quality bitch from this kennel. Pretty head with tight eye, deep muzzle with good reach of neck. Wide chest on straight front with well laid shoulders. Good angulation, moved soundly and freely holding her profile coming and going. Presented in tip top condition.”

2nd Harper’s Newgraden’s Pot Of Gold

“Well-constructed bitch with good body shape and size. Sweet expression and good bite. Well set ears, adequate bone and tight feet. Moved freely.”

3rd Constable’s Valhalabears Just In Time
Res Steels’ Nurburgnewf Beamer
Special Open White & Black (Landseer) Bitch (No entries)


(1 entry / 1 absent)

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