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The NNC Open Show 2011

Sutton Community Centre, St. Helens, Merseyside
1st October 2011
Judge: Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze)

Thank you to the committee for the opportunity to judge some lovely dogs at such a well organised show. The hospitality was great and the exhibitors were very supportive of each other. A very enjoyable day. Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze)


Sandbears I Am Legend Tawiscara


Elbear Marianne Faithful


Mileoak Oso Lucky


CH Newphrey Gracie Fields JW ShCM


Mileoak Oso Lucky


Baranova Golden Blessings



Minor Puppy Dog (1, 0 Abs)

1st Blake's Sandbears Golden Balls Real baby. Promising prospect. Head still developing, but good proportions and expression dark eyes and good dentition, ears could be smaller. A tad narrow in front at the moment, elbows tight, good reach of neck, topline and tailset. Good angulation front and rear Rear movement still needs to settle.

Puppy Dog (no entries)

Junior Dog (4, 0 Abs)

1st Leech's Deep Love Fouga Zephyr Masculine head, lovely small dark eyes, square muzzle, good width and depth of chest. Balanced overall shape, good substance and front and rear angulation. Tail set a little high and carried rather happily. Moved out easily and soundly.

2nd Jackson's Sandbears Carinthian Spirit Pleasing youngster, attractive head, dark eye, flews a little loose, square muzzle, good ear size, straight front, good reach of neck, level topline, moderate angulation, tight arched feet, good depth of body. Movement still needs to settle.

3rd Maris' Spirebear Spanish Lullaby

Res Mycock's Spirebear Dark Secret

Yearling Dog (3, 0 Abs)

1st Leech's Deep Love Fouga Zephyr

2nd Shepherds's Skylordex Firpoint Favour Old fashioned type of landseer. Lovely head and expression, dark eye, good size and placed ear. Pleasing feet and bone, lovely body shape and overall angulation. Good substance and ribbing. Moved out steadily.

3rd Eden's Dawstenbears Mr Gingles

Novice Dog (2, 0 Abs)

1st Leech's Deep Love Fouga Zephyr

2nd Maris' Spirebear Spanish Lullaby Strong head, flews a little loose. Front a tad narrow but good bone and feet. Pleasing topline and substance, Pleasing tail set and carriage.

Graduate Dog (2, 0 Abs)

1st Anderson's Gezandos Gaston Masculine head, dark eye, well set ears, pleasing expression, pasterns rather upright, good bone and feet , lovely overall shape and angulation. Moved soundly.

2nd Wooton's Nekkienufes Matasappa This boy had lovely dark eyes and a pleasing expression but was reluctant to put his head up. Tends to stand a little close with feet slightly turned out. Good substance and bone well laid shoulders, level topline and coat is in good condition. Rear movement needs to settle , good tail set and carriage.

Post Graduate Dog (4, 1 Abs)

1st Lloyd's Cewrirdŵr Llyn Cowlyd Masculine head, small dark tight eyes, small well set ears, tight flews, square muzzle, straight front, tight feet, level topline, moderate angulation, well set tail. Moved with drive and ease, parallel front and rear.

2nd Millburn's Sandbears Chip N Dale At Dawstenbears JW ShCM Tall boy, attractive head, small dark eye, ears a tad long, super pigment throughout, straight front, pasterns could be firmer, legs a tad long. Body of good shape and substance. Moved actively.

3rd McDonald's Toadypark Bigfoot

Limit Dog (5, 0 Abs)

1st Land's Sandbears I Am Legend Tawiscara Quality boy who just caught my eye as being totally honest and a lovely type attractive masculine head of good proportions,dark eye and expression, good ear size, pleasing bone and feet, blackest of pigment. Pleasing substance and depth of body, ribbed well back. Balanced overall shape, good angulation front and rear, he moved out steadily and effortlessly. Best Dog and Best in show.

2nd Austin's Sandbears Barney Rubble Of Elbear Another boy with a nice expression with tight eyes, well set ears, level topline and good ribbing and depth of chest. Pleasing angulation front and rear, well set tail and carriage.

3rd Woodhall's Bearhugs Falcon

Res Bown's Sandbears Mack Super Liner For Bownbears

VHC Gadsdon's Cewrirdŵr Llyn Vyrnwy At Ursamajor

Open Dog (5, 0 Abs)

1st Blake's Sandbears Stride 'N' Style Fabulous presentation, correct head proportions deep nuzzle kind expression. good dentition Good bone and width balanced throughout, good angulation front and rear, well set tail and carriage. Moved out really well with reach and drive.reserve best dog.

2nd Austin's Sandbears True Grit Of Elbears JW ShCM This boy is another with pleasing expression. Most lovely shape and balance, pleasing head, eye, good bone and feet another that moved out well.

3rd Walsh's Chrishelkate Blown Away

Res McDonald's Windyhaugh Golden Roller

VHC Gadsdon's Cewrirdŵr Llyn Brenig At Ursamajor

Veteran Dog (1, 0 Abs)

1st Land's Tawiscara Ramirez ShCM Handsome boy, tight dark eye, nice expression,straight front, pleasing overall shape and angulation. Still a good mover, could show the youngsters how to do it.

Special Veteran Dog (1, 1 Abs)

Special Open Brown Dog (no entries)

Special Open White & Black (Landseer) Dog (no entries)


Best Dog

Sandbears I Am Legend Tawiscara

Reserve Best Dog

Sandbears Stride 'N' Style

Best Puppy Dog

Sandbears Golden Balls

Best Veteran Dog

Tawiscara Ramirez ShCM

Best White & Black (Landseer) Dog

Skylordex Firpoint Favour


Minor Puppy Bitch (6, 0 Abs)

1st Austin's Sandbears Three Two One Of Elbear Pretty young lady, lovely dark expressive soft eyes, good pigment and feet. Plenty of substance for age Lovely profile shape, good size, developing nicely, rear a little close, still needs to settle on the move.

2nd Smith's Evanpark Jensen's Akasha At Asolja Smaller baby than1, a little shorter in leg. Pleasing dark eye, good reach of neck and depth of body, ribbing could be a tad longer, well boned, level topline, another baby who needs to tighten on the move.

3rd Blake's Sandbears Who Dares Wins

Res Thompson's Safeharbour Ditto

VHC Johnson's Piratebears Flag Ship

Puppy Bitch (3, 0 Abs)

1st Leech's Mileoak Oso Lucky Landseer with lovely clean markings, feminine head, dark eye, gentle expression and good dentition, beautiful body shape and good angulation front and rear, straight front and good feet. well set and carried tail She really filled the eye and appealed. Moved out soundly and easily.

2nd Turner's Baranova Golden Blessings This young lady has a long way to go but she has promise. She has a pretty head with self coloured eyes, her flews were a little loose and ears a tad large. She has straight front, super bone and feet. At the moment going through the rocking horse stage which affects the topline, Good depth of body and substance, moved okay just needs time.

3rd Waterman's Baranova Singing Spirits

Junior Bitch (9, 1 Abs)

1st Nolan's Chrishelkate Cosmic Girl At Newruff Clean head with lovely pretty expression, dark eye and tight flews, straight front, deep chest lovely balanced shape, good feet and coat, bone and overall angulation. Well set and carried tail. Moved out easily and happily.

2nd Cunliffe's Chrishelkate Cracklin Rose Head in good proportions, lovely expression, dark well shaped eye, good size and set ear, super bone and pigment. Pleasing substance and overall shape, well ribbed, round strong croup and well set tail.

3rd Leech's Mileoak Oso Lucky

Res Millburn's Sandbears Bmi Baby Over Dawstenbears

VHC Ashurst's Chrishelkate Cathys Clown With Adanewf

Yearling Bitch (3, 0 Abs)

1st Leech's Mileoak Oso Lucky

2nd Smith's Evanpark Shakira At Asolja This young lady has still a long way to go, gentle expression, dark eye, straight front, good reach and neck, down in pasterns, ribbing could be longer. Moved out freely.

3rd Molyneux's Tallisbay Tamara Of Sakaribear

Novice Bitch (4, 1 Abs)

1st Leech's Mileoak Oso Lucky

2nd Maris' Spirebear Three Wishes

3rd Anderson's Gezandos Tale As Old As Time

Graduate Bitch (3, 0 Abs)

1st Land's Tawiscara Nombre Noir Pretty head, very expressive, ears could be smaller, front and little narrow, level topline, well developed body, good feet, moderate angulation, moved steadily.

2nd Nadolski's Sandbears Front Page News In Zarinska Pretty feminine head with darkest pigment, well set ears, and with lovely tight eyes, straight front, good overall shape, moved rather stiffly behind.

3rd Irving's Forgebear Blue Lili With Soulbrother

Post Graduate Bitch (2, 0 Abs)

1st Irving's Forgebear Blue Lili With Soulbrother Attractive head, tight dark eye, some wrinkle, ears could be smaller, tall girl with good shape and substance, lovely pigment and bone, moved out easily.

2nd Wooton's Shoganpark Koda The happiest of girls, pretty feminine head, dark eye and lovely expression, ears could be smaller. Moderate angulation, enthusiastic mover.

Limit Bitch (4, 0 Abs)

1st Austin's Elbear Marianne Faithful I loved this girl even though I think she should be on a speed track and she is not the biggest but after saying that she has the most loveliest of heads, with small ears, dark eye, straight front and balanced body shape. Such a pleasing profile shape her movement is lovely fore, aft and in profile except as I say rather fast.

2nd Lloyd's Cewrirdŵr Llyn Geirionydd Pretty head and expression, dark eye, ears on the large size, tight flews, straight front, good depth of chest, level topline, rounded croup/ muscled up, well set tail and good bone.moved steadily and soundly.

3rd Binks' Midnight Lady's Kiss For Nordicangel

Res Maris' Spirebear Diamond Katie

Open Bitch (3, 2 Abs)

1st Smith's Kalibah Mistletoe Kisses For Comfortcove ShCM Mature lady with well developed head, expressive eyes, well set and sized ears, blackest of pigment, good depth of body, level topline, strong croup, well set and carried tail, moved out steadily.

Veteran Bitch (1, 0 Abs)

1st Austin's CH Newphrey Gracie Fields JW ShCM This girl was gorgeous, she had a lovely head and expression but rather loose flews. Sound, mature, balanced overall shape and boy can she move and show the youngsters how it's done.

Special Veteran Bitch (1, 0 Abs)

1st McDonald's Cum'N'Go Segar At Boscun Nearly 10 and what a sweetheart, such a joy to see her having her day out. She tried her best to show that she could still do it, thank you for bringing her.

Special Open Brown Bitch (1, 0 Abs)

1st Turner's Baranova Golden Blessings

Special Open White & Black (Landseer) Bitch (3, 0 Abs)

1st Leech's Mileoak Oso Lucky

2nd Groves' Mileoak Cho Chang At Bridgestone Lovely head, expression and eye, small ears, front pasterns a little upright, beautiful body shape if a tad long. Moved out easily and steadily

3rd Chesher's Wanitopa Tiller Girl At Turnothworld


Best Bitch

Elbear Marianne Faithful

Reserve Best Bitch

Chrishelkate Cosmic Girl At Newruff

Best Puppy Bitch

Mileoak Oso Lucky

Best Veteran Bitch

CH Newphrey Gracie Fields JW ShCM

Best Brown Bitch

Baranova Golden Blessings

Best White & Black (Landseer) Bitch

Mileoak Oso Lucky

Brace (1, 0 Abs)

1st McDonalds's Toadypark Bigfoot & Windyhaugh Golden Roller A lovely pair and a game owner moving them as they were strong, Pleasing to see them together and happy.

Class Winners

Pictures to follow