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Kjalarnes D "Tally"

Date of Birth: 08.06.2000

Kjalarnes D

Tally was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2008 for
"Outstanding Achievements, Commitment and Dedication in Water & Draught Work"
whilst a member of
The Northern Newfoundland Club

Tally came to me for assessment when she was two and within 24 hours it was very apparent that she & my male, Murphy, were very, very happy together. Due to the number of dogs coming through welfare at that time I was allowed to adopt her myself. She is such a calm, laid back dog with a real cheeky streak and a sprinkle of stubbornness (after all these years, she still refuses to leave food on the worktops).

She is a fabulous working dog and loves both water & carting. She is the boss of the dogs in my household, although only feels the need to step in occasionally to tell one of the others off, the rest of the discipline is done with an expression or body movement. She has been a fabulous 'mum' to Winnie and she still spends ages cleaning her ears & eyes. She was distraught when Murphy died and it was 3 months before I saw a real improvement in her state of mind & health after we lost him. I suppose I had never been in a situation before where two dogs were so close, but it really hit her as hard as it did me. Maybe that had something to do with it too - I was just as bad but we came through and it wasn't long before she was having to teach another youngster how to behave.

Tally as achieved 4 multipass certificates in various water & draught tests and is such a pleasure to work with. My most special moments with her are when we are doing a 'safe swim' as she swims just perfectly off my left shoulder & regularly checks my face as I check hers as if to say "hey, isn't this great? Just you and me swimming about out here". She loves a quick cuddle but that's it, long cuddles are definitely not the 'done' thing. She always brings me a toy when I get home however long I have been out, and once I have taken it from her and said 'thank you', I can just about manage a quick pat before she's gone again.

Two of my dogs have not yet learned that they need to bark in the night if they need the loo - sitting by the door is just no good if I am asleep! Tally then takes charge and let's out a couple of little barks to tell me that they are waiting. It's very amusing as I can just imagine some of the thoughts that go through her head, and I dread to think what would await me some mornings if she didn't do it.

She has helped me so much in raising the four other dogs, plus foster dogs, I have taken in since her arrival and I owe her a great deal - she does a fabulous job and has a special place in my heart.

Rachel Gaines


2 x Section A Water Tests
2 x Section B Water Tests

2 x Section B Water Tests
1 x Level 1 Draught Test
1 x Level 2 Draught Test

1 x Level 3 Draught Test
1 x Section B Water Test
Certificate of Merit Section B Water

2 x Level 3 Draught Tests
2 x Section B Water Tests

1 x Level 1 Draught Test
1 x Section A Water Test
1 x Section B Water Test
1 x Level 2 Brace with Winnie

Tally and Winnie in the rain

Tally and Winnie in the rain

Tally and Winnie in the sun

Tally and Winnie in the sun