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Hall of Fame

Chetwoot Tcichi "Toffee"

13.06.94 - 13.04.2007

picture of brown newfoundland Chetwoot Tcichi

Toffee was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame for her
"Outstanding Achievements, Commitment and Dedication in Water & Draught Work"
whilst a member of
The Northern Newfoundland Club

Toffee was an absolute treasure and not one to be ignored, always up for a cuddle – and very talkative, she always had to have the last word on everything. She was very inquisitive – if not joining in she would watch with interest. She got on well both with people and other animals. Toffee loved the water, but was happiest when in her harness with her cart behind and ready for the challenge.

Toffee made a TV appearance in 1996 with Wendy Turner on Pet Rescue, where she did an opening piece. She appeared on stage in a Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime at Warrington.

Toffee was registered as a PAT dog and passed her Good Citizens awards. She was not one for showing but still liked to have a go.

Barbara Coulding


1 x Section A Water Test
1 x Section B Water Test

1 x Level 1 Draught Test

1 x Section A Water Test
1 x Level 1 Draught Test

3 x Level 2 Draught Tests

2 x Level 2 Draught Tests
1 x Level 3 Draught Test
Certificate of Merit Level 2 Draught

1 x Section C Water Test
2 x Level 3 Draught Tests
1 x Level 4 Draught Test
Kielder Trophy
Bega Trophy

4 x Section C Water Tests
2 x Level 3 Draught Tests
Certificate of Merit Level 3 Draught
Certificate of Merit Section C Water
Kielder Trophy

1 x Level 3 Draught Test

Demonstration work

Water - River Mersey Tall Ships Festival
Water & Draught - River Tee’s with the White Water Training Group
Draught – Dogs 2000 in Sheffield
Draught – Harewood House in Leeds
Water – Capesthorne House
Dickensian Christmas Parade through Lymm Village