Online Dog Show Winners

Show kindly judged by Bob (The Video King) Hudson & Stryker

Class 1 Winner - Prettiest Bitch

Class 1 - Prettiest Bitch

This is Treacle who is 10 years old, owned by Helen Williams. Unfortunaltely she has already passed over Rainbow Bridge.

Class 2 Winner - Most Handsome Male

Class 2 - Most Handsome Male

This is Humphrey who is 4 years old, owned by Bev Husbands.

Class 3 Winner - Best Rescue

Class 3 - Best Rescue

This is Lyra who is 11.5 years old, owned by Mel Merritt.

Class 4 Winner - Best Action Shot

Class 4 - Best Action Shot

This is Chewie, owned by Barbara Turner.

Class 5 Winner - The Veteran award

Class 5 - The Veteran Award

This is Zola who is almost 11 years old, owned by Karen Williams.

Sailor & Chase
Class 6 Winner - Cutest Couple

Class 6 - Cutest Couple

This is Sailor & Chase, owned by Carolyn Fleet Barrette.

Class 7 Winner - Dog the Judge would love to take home & Overall Winner

Class 7 - Dog the judge would love to take home & *Overall Winner*

This is Badger, owned by Pauline Singfield.

Class 8 Winner - Cutest Puppy

Class 8 - Cutest Puppy (3-12 months)

This is Archie who is 5mths old, owned by Sonya Morgan.

Queen of Hearts Rylin, Cianna Rabbit, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum as well as Alice Whisper
Class 9 Winner - Funniest Fancy Dress

Class 9 - Funniest Fancy Dress

This is the Queen of Hearts Rylin, Cianna Rabbit, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum as well as Alice Whisper, sent in by Kerri Miller.

Isla & Crumble
Class 10 Winner - Child's Best Freind

Class 10 - Child's Best Friend

This is Isla & Crumble, owned by Rachel Saunders.

Class 11 Winner - Muckiest Newf

Class 11 - Muckiest Newf

This is Bilbo bear, owned by Rachael Slaughter.

Class 12 - Rainbow Bridge

No picture as all the entries are winners.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners.